Our Stuff


  • Great Western (US) – Pilsen, and 2-Row
  • Gambrinus (Canada) – Pilsen, Pale, Munich, Vienna, Wheat, Honey
  • Chateau (Belgium) – Pilsen, Biscuit, Castle Special B
  • Briess (US) – Crystal Malts, Cara-Pils, Chocolate and Roasted Malts, Various Specialties, Liquid and Dry Malt Extract
  • Crisp (UK) – Maris Otter, Crystal Malts, Torrified Wheat
  • Weyermann (Germany) – Specialty Malts
  • Simpsons – Golden Naked Oats



  • Leaf
  • Pellet
  • Primarily YCH single ounces.  In light proof, nitrogen flushed bags.

Wine Supplies:

  • Vintners Harvest Fruit Wine Base
  • Vinifera Noble Wine Kits
  • Additives – Campden Tablets, Acid Blend, Pectic Enzyme, etc.
  • Musting buckets, fermenting buckets, carboys
  • Yeast – Red Star, Lalvin, Wyeast
  • Yeast Nutrients
  • Testing supplies
  • Corks and bottles

Brewing Equipment: